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Our signature, synonymous with quality, has been present for about thirty years in Belgian and French interiors, but also throughout Europe. Baden Baden is a team of interior architecture enthusiasts, from designers to installers.

  • Kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, wardrobes...

    We are renowned for our kitchens, but increasingly, our clients ask us to design or renovate their entire homes. We can indeed design floors, paneling, doors, shutters, create a bathroom, a wardrobe, a showcase, a library, plan niches or alcoves… Our limit? Our clients’ desires.

  • Down to the smallest detail... with the eye of the interior architect

    Guiding, enlightening, and accompanying are our watchwords. Most often, the purchasing process spans several appointments, which can take from one to three hours, whether it’s at the showroom with examples and samples on hand or on-site for the final selection of colors, materials, and last details. The essential thing is that we bring emotion, feeling, and not just a solution to a layout problem.

  • True luxury is customisation

    Finding a kitchen today? Nothing could be easier. But finding your kitchen, the one whose appearance, layout, and design will perfectly meet your expectations, now that’s more complex. Indeed, in a context of globalisation and standardisation of offerings, the need to invent one’s own universe and environment, for oneself, becomes even stronger. The way we approach our interior changes; we think about it holistically, and the kitchen is included in this reflection.

  • How does a custom project with Baden Baden proceed?

    1. Get in touch with us by visiting our showroom in Brussels or by contacting us via email or by phone.
    2. Following an initial consultation, a deposit of 250 euros (deductible from the project’s total and with no obligation to proceed further) will be required. This will cover the drafting of the initial layout plan and elevation, as well as a detailed initial quote. This step is crucial for you to have a clearer idea of what your project will entail. The initial consultation doesn’t necessarily have to be conducted in person. We can also communicate by phone and email throughout the project.
    3. We visit the site, wherever it may be, take measurements, and provide the necessary technical plans to the contractor to prepare for our installation of the custom-made furniture elements. This is also when we finalise the details of your order (appliances, faucets, etc.). For this step, a second deposit covering measurement and travel expenses is required.
    4. The plans are then signed, and a new deposit is made to begin fabrication. From this point, fabrication takes approximately 8 weeks, subject to the schedule of our workshop.
    5. Once fabrication is complete, our teams install the furniture on-site, typically taking 1 to 2 weeks. For kitchens and bathrooms, this is also when workers create templates for countertops or shelves. They then deliver them to the marble worker, and ten days later, install the kitchen countertop or bathroom shelves and perform the final finishing touches.

  • What timings should be expected for a custom project?

    From the signing of the plans and depending on the schedule of the woodworking workshop we work with, fabrication of your custom furniture takes between 6 and 8 weeks. Installation takes 1 to 2 weeks. An additional ten days are required for the installation of a countertop or shelf in the case of a kitchen or bathroom.

  • Are Baden Baden furniture durable?

    The longevity of our furniture is undeniable. Some of our clients are still enjoying the kitchen we installed for them over twenty years ago, which has stood the test of time with skill! The durability of our custom furniture is owed to the high-quality materials we use: solid wood – mainly maple – that our woodworking workshop sources from the nearby forest. The craftsmanship of our artisans also has a significant impact on the longevity of our furniture.

  • What budget should be expected for custom fabrication?

    It depends on the dimensions of the room, including height. It also depends on the number of pieces of furniture you wish to install. To provide you with an idea of the budget for your specific case, the most appropriate approach is to send us the measurements of the room (don’t forget to communicate the available ceiling height), a photo, and even a basic plan of the room in question so that we can give you a price range, without yet entering the stage of designing the plans.

  • What is the difference between a Baden Baden kitchen and another fitted kitchen?

    In a Baden Baden kitchen, all ideas are welcome, even the most original ones! The custom factor allows us to explore an infinity of options, but it also immerses us into your universe on such a scale that the bond created between you and us enables us to provide project follow-up that is unparalleled.

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