Our universe

From Copenhagen to Venice, passing through Biarritz, we are renowned for our kitchens, but increasingly, our clients ask us to consider or renovate their entire homes. Indeed, we can design floors, paneling, doors, shutters, create a bathroom, a wardrobe, a showcase, a library, plan niches or alcoves… Our limits? Our clients’ desires.

A sober, classic, timeless aesthetic naturally combines with our color ranges, our work on volumes, and our harmonious finishes. Our furniture is designed to perfectly complement the shapes of the house and enhance the spaces, light, and ambiance of the place.

«The BADEN BADEN style allows mixing eras. It blends just as well with vintage as with pure contemporary. In our kitchens, you can hang paintings from your ancestors or integrate Prouvé furniture, hang a Murano chandelier, or a Poulsen lamp. It’s a timeless style that allows for fusion of influences.»

Our workshop

Our woodworking workshop is located in a region rich in its raw material: wood. It is therefore not surprising that its artisans shape your future furniture there with all their expertise and in constant pursuit of excellence.

It is precisely this “handmade” artisanal work (and its touch of imperfection that characterises it) that gives all the warmth and authenticity to our products and sets us apart from other furniture manufacturers where charm has been replaced by the rigidity and coldness of sanitised industrial production.

This is what we call the “Baden touch” that our clients seek and appreciate.

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