Baden Baden - Logo - Symbole
Baden Baden - Logo - Symbole
Baden Baden - Logo - Symbole
Baden Baden - Logo - Symbole
Baden Baden - Logo - Symbole
Cooking, Sleeping, Bathing...

“Interior design and decoration according to Baden Baden reconnect with true luxury, that of absolute customisation.”


Kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, wardrobes...

BADEN BADEN shapes solid and sustainable wood in an elegant style that withstands the test of time…

...Down to the smallest detail, with the eye of the interior architect

Guiding, enlightening, and accompanying are our watchwords. Often, the purchasing process spans several appointments…

Luxury is customisation

Indeed, in a context of globalisation and standardisation of offerings, the need to invent one’s own universe and environment for oneself becomes even stronger…


We mainly work with maple, sourced from forests located near our workshop. Our expertise and many years of experience give our furniture their authenticity, what we call the BADEN touch. These are not standardised blocks to assemble, but custom-made pieces crafted in a woodworking shop, which will be installed precisely by our teams.

We place the same importance on the quality of our paints, custom-made according to the most environmentally friendly standards.

After all, what could be more ecological than furniture made in a workshop from sustainable materials and in a timeless style!

Our universe

Our signature, synonymous with quality, has been present for about thirty years in Belgian and French interiors, but also throughout Europe.

From Copenhagen to Venice, passing through Biarritz, we are renowned for our kitchens. Furthermore, our clients ask us increasingly to design or renovate their entire homes. We can indeed design floors, paneling, doors, shutters, create a bathroom, a wardrobe, a showcase, a library, plan niches or alcoves… Our limit? Our clients’ desires.

Our showroom

BADEN BADEN boasts a 400 m2 showroom open to the public where you can find a wide range of creations, ideal for gathering inspiration. And it’s also a shop dedicated to the BADEN style. You’ll find a selection of accessories, lighting fixtures, and sofas. Timeless objects, noble materials, quality! Some pieces are exclusive, sometimes vintage, collected during travels or encounters, they express a life experience and display a certain singularity.

Launch your project

Start your custom project now by contacting Baden Baden. Our experts are ready to bring your ideas to life and create the perfect space that reflects who you are.

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