Cooking, sleeping, bathing...

Kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, dressing rooms... BADEN BADEN elegantly uses environmentally-friendly solid wood that will last for years without showing a flaw. An absolute, rigorous “Bespoke”, where ergonomics and personalisation are always the centre of attention. As every project is totally unique, it is carried out with real expertise, both technically and aesthetically.

We design welcoming living spaces based on the plans of your architect and/or our team of interior designers.

“We are known for our kitchens, but our clients are increasingly asking us to design or renovate their entire homes. Indeed, we can design flooring, panelling, doors, blinds, create a bathroom, a dressing room, a display case, a library, provide niches or alcoves... We are limited only by the wishes of our customers.”

Our signature, a synonym for quality, has been on view for around twenty years not only in Belgian interiors but also everywhere in Europe, from Copenhagen to Biarritz by way of Venice.

BADEN BADEN is a 400 m² showroom that is open to the public and where you can find a wide range of projects - perfect for getting your fill of ideas.

It’s also a boutique dedicated to the BADEN style. You will find a selection of accessories, lighting, and sofas. Timeless objects, noble materials, quality! Certain items are exclusive, occasionally vintage, that were stumbled upon on travels and encounters; they are full of stories and are often unique.


Call on BADEN BADEN to provide high-end interiors that are personalised to the smallest detail.... Where the art of made to measure unites form and function, no matter what room is being decorated.


We work principally with maple, sourced from forests near our workshop.

“It is our know-how and many years of experience that make our furniture authentic, that give them what we call the ‘BADEN touch’. These aren’t standardised blocks to be assembled, but rooms custom-made in our woodworking workshop that will be installed down to the centimetre by our teams.”

“Real luxury is custom made”

Looking for a kitchen today? There’s nothing easier. However, finding your kitchen, the one with the appearance, layout, and organisation that perfectly suits your needs, is more difficult.

Indeed, in an age of globalisation and standardisation, the need to create a world and space just for you has only become stronger. Your perception of your interiors changes and you look at the whole picture, including your kitchen.

... Down to the tiniest detail... with an interior designer’s eye

Our keywords are: guide, illuminate, and accompany. Most often, the buying process takes place over several appointments which may last from one to three hours, whether at the showroom with supporting examples and samples or on-site for the final selection of colours and materials, for example.

What’s essential is that we bring to the table emotion and perception - not just a response to a furnishing problem.

Our universe

A sober and classic aesthetic that never goes out of style naturally suits our range of colours, our use of volumes, and our harmonious finishing touches. Our furniture is designed to suit the forms of the home perfectly and to accentuate the spaces, the light, and the vibrations of the area.

“The BADEN BADEN style lets you mix eras; it suits vintage just as well as pure contemporary. In our kitchens, you can just as easily hang up paintings of your ancestors as incorporate your Prouvé furniture or hang a Murano chandelier or a Poulsen lamp. It’s a timeless style that allows a mix of influences.”

A boutique you will fall in love with

Adopting the BADEN BADEN style by small touches is also possible. We offer a specialised selection of accessories and decorative furniture in our 400 m² boutique/showroom. Our selection ranges from perfumed La Note Parisienne or Amanda de Montal candles to pottery made by the apprentices of the Égypte Terre d’Espoir Association in Luxor, glass and brass frames to hang up, mirrors, coat hooks, dishes and other table decorations, as well as Steel range cookers, Bleu Provence retro style sanitary ware, and even Sits sofas. Timeless objects, noble materials, quality!

“We worked very hard on our selection. Besides a few new favourites, the exclusive items that I choose show personality; they have a background; they tell a story. However, I occasionally stumble upon one or another vintage article on my travels and encounters. What am I looking for? Authenticity, a certain originality, the BADEN BADEN style.”