Amanda is 4 years old, her father takes her by the hand and takes her with him to the Armagnac aging cellars located on the family estate in Gascony. While they bend over the oak barrels, his father makes him feel the various scents and explains to him with passion how, over the years, the different aromas are born.

The House of Perfume AMANDA DE MONTAL was born in this enchanting country of Gascony, land covered with vineyards, sunflowers and cypresses where tradition meets panache.

Eight exquisite and distinctive childhood perfumes for the home. Everyone has a story, it is carried by a memory. Each candle is a subtle blend of naturally occurring waxes including sunflowers from Gascon fields. Hand-crafted glass blown like an art object brings memories to life.

To be previewed at Baden Baden, rue Haute 80 in 1000 Brussels